Gurman Pansion

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Gurman Inn

Wi will surely take care of your peacefull holiday!

When your journey brings you to Vojvodina, you may not miss a unique oportunity to visit Backa Topola. It is a small town in the middle of Northern Backa area, half-shared by by the old international road E-5, today called M-22 regional road.

Backa Topola's population is multinationally structured, it counts about 15.000 people and it's consisted mostly of Hungarians, Serbians and Croatians.

In the central part of the town, rounded by the old park, you will find a best place for your rest, Gurman Inn.


Gurman owns a new restaurant with 90 seats and a mediteranian garden witch counts 60 seats, for all those who like to enjoy well known specialities of international kitchen and the traditional food specialities of Serbian and Hungarian kitchen.

Beside these we may offer you a great scale of authentical Vojvodina's wines and other, so far known traditional drinks.


For those guests who would like to stay for a longer while and explore a rich culture of Northern Vojvodina, the Gurman Inn is prepared at any time of the year to offer 30 beads, in 13 rooms, designed in a modern, minimalistic style by European standards**

For room ordering there is a non-stop service telephone number +381-63-764-7150.


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